‘about me’

I seriously always panic whenever I’m told to write an ‘about me’ paragraph, whether its for a blog, job application, social media site, university, etc. I feel so much pressure to make me seem like an amazing, active person who is doing great in life at all times but its just a summary of the generic but somewhat positive current things happening in life.

So I am going to write an updated ‘about me’ post.

My name is Alexandra McNee, I am 19 years old, born 31/12/1995. I live on the Wirral, Merseyside, UK. (It’s by Liverpool)

I am currently between jobs/ courses/apprenticeships/unemployment trying to earn some money and/or gain some stability in my life so I don’t disappoint my parents anymore. I dropped out of university after finishing my first year because I didn’t think the course was for me, didnt cope well living away from home and couldn’t handle to pressure to work hard for results.

If you had asked me a year ago my views on politics and current affairs I seriously wouldn’t have had much to say. I did multimedia journalism at the Manchester Metropolitan University 2014-15 because I wanted to be a journalist, I wanted to write, but I wasn’t interested in the news, especially politics. But you ask me now and I have a lot to say on UK, European and US politics, as well as all things LGBTQ+ and Intersectional issues.

My current aim is to pursue a career in Digital Marketing and Social Media. This blog post isn’t being sent to an employer but that is what I want to do with my life, something I know I’d be good at as well as enjoy. I want to be a part of a team as well as just earn money for myself and become independent.

I enjoy being with my friends, going out for food, shopping. I like taking pictures, I love animals but I’m not vegetarian. I do like my vegetables though but I’m pretty unhealthy, I prefer to eat Chinese food, all the time.

I love music but I can’t sing or dance very well. I love staying in bed, watching films, I love Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Tim Burton, Vince Vaughn, the list goes on.

I label myself as bisexual. Telling my mum and dad that was the hard part of that. AND I was interviewed for the Independent once about it after I came out, as a 5 minutes of fame kinda thing (link)

I also suffer from depression and anxiety. I used to take anti-depressants and I find it quite hard to make new friends. I struggled with coming to terms with my sexuality, I overly-emotional, and I have a hard time staying positive about myself and everything around me.

I consider myself a socialist and intersectional feminist, I express a lot of my feelings towards issues on social media.

So far in my life I haven’t dealt with any death of loved ones and I haven’t had any fatal accidents, I have that heartache and life experience yet to come.

But the point of this was to say that although you all know I am just an average person, I don’t even consider myself half way through my life, I am only just starting. So this is all the ‘about me’ I can think of right now. And if you’re reading this and haven’t figured anything out yet, then its fine.

Its okay to suck. Everyone sucks in some way or another, so if you suck at life right now, then so what? You will figure it out eventually, like I hopefully will and will have an amazing ‘about me’ paragraph to write next time.

And I’m a capricorn, if anyone wants to know.


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