The Kylie Jenneration

OKAY so I am pretty sure everyone has heard of the Kardashian/Jenner family and either love them or hate them or can’t really decide what it is about them that makes them what they are. As someone who personally loves the Kardashian and Jenner girls, I am a bit biased when it comes to defending them. I don’t need a reason to like them, they may not be true feminist icons but who says I can’t fancy Kylie Jenner?

On social media I see Kylie and her family everyday doing something new, wearing something different. Love them or hate them you literally cannot escape them. But I also keep on seeing people comparing Kylie to almost everyone and everything as if there is any relevance between these unrelated things. Today I saw a guy comparing her to Malala Yousafzai that kind of annoyed me. The post obviously compared all the good things the activist has and is still doing to all the things Kylie obviously hasn’t done for people, women in particular. While I love Malala and think she is an incredibly selfless and intelligent girl, WHY does she have to be compared to another woman, worldly known by millions, for the completely different yet NOT wrong things.

But this post is about why I think people need to stop picking on Kylie so much.

Kylie Kristen Jenner, born August 10th 1997. She is a ‘reality television personality, socialite and model’. Born and raised in Los Angeles, California. She was born 18 years ago into a family that was already famous, and with their fame growing, the young Jenner’s Kendall and Kylie were seen more and more on Reality TV, Interviews, at social events etc etc gaining their own fans, their own voices and their own careers.

In 2015 the media and the people are completely obsessed with Kylie Jenner, her social media presence and the impact she has online. We live for her selfies and paparazzi photos of her leaving a frozen yoghurt shop, and this will make instant news headlines and be plastered over sites, blogs and social media pages everywhere. Whether shes dyed her hair, wearing black lipstick or been spotted with her 25 year old boyfriend, you’ll hear about it within seconds. It’s like clockwork.

Her 25 year old boyfriend of around a year (I’m guessing), Tyga, is a world renowned rapper, that I personally don’t like and I think she can do better but if she’s happy I’m going to leave this one alone (also jealous cos I’m gay af)

So, on a day to day basis she in seen wearing new outfits, sporting new hair styles and being admired for her style. She is passionate about fashion, hair and make up etc and should be respected for the effort she puts into her beauty and work and this could be the wealth and white privilege talking but she does own whatever she does and whether or not you like Kylie Jenner, she is earning her own millions and living independently at just aged 18. If anyone reading this isn’t even slightly jealous of her luxury life then you’re kidding yourself.

But she is completely slated online for her looks and I think individuals forget she is a teenage girl with insecurities just like everyone else, and because she was brought up in the public eye, it’s been deemed okay to use her appearance for comedic purposes that go viral. And with Kylie active on social media, it becomes a possibility she could see the mocking posts.

Although I will bring up a point that happened this year, that received no back lash in the media, instead she was praised for her ‘bold’ and ‘new’ look, where she uploaded a picture to Instagram of herself culturally appropriating cornrows, a hair style that black people have been oppressed and ridiculed for, for centuries. Despite this being said, she is a teenage girl who will follow trends as the braids were apparently ‘in’ this summer.

Following up on her insecurities, I don’t blame her for getting lip fillers, which I personally love on her. She is so much more confident because of them yet I see people ridiculing her for her insecurity daily. She said herself they were an insecurity of hers on KUWTK, and as she gets compared to her sisters constantly, I can understand why she chose to get injections to get fuller lips like Kim or Khloe…
I know many people who have had lip fillers, so why is not okay when Kylie decides to do it? Because she was 17? If I had the money she had at 17 I would probably have them done by now too. Hers may not have been subtle but she looks good in my opinion, and I, in no way want to promote the alteration of anyones facial features but I truly believe Kylie suffers from body dysmorphic disorder.

Body dysmorphia is a psychological disorder very common in teens, in which the person becomes obsessed with imaginary physical flaws and visuals a very distorted image of themselves. This is in no way confirmed so don’t hold me to this, but it being so common in teenage girls and her being so in the public eye, seen by millions of others daily, it is not hard to understand that such a young girl and such huge insecurities.

And I know I obviously do not know her personally to make these assumptions but when people compare her to Kendall and Kim and say ‘she isn’t half as pretty because she’s not natural’ I feel as though they obviously do not understand that ‘hell is a teenage girl’ and to be compared to a sibling/another girl makes it much worse in both the short and long term.

With a lot of peoples internet presence on the rise, it is important to remember you get your couple of thousand likes but you can potentially destroy her self esteem for life.


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