It doesn’t care, but it does matter.


After a ridiculously long hiatus from writing, I decided to jot down some thoughts that have been eating me alive.

As someone who isn’t ashamed to admit I struggle with mental health issues and enjoys making light of that fact, me and millions of others also live each and every day controlled by mental illness and whether or not you want to hear it, it is a matter of fact that people’s actions are all determined by their mental health.

And so, with some inspiration from my bible, Twitter, a site that gave me more courage to speak up than any other, I felt as though it was important to share these points, some being based on things that have been said to me.

You see, depression doesn’t care if you’re pretty. You can never be ‘too pretty to be sad’. 

Depression doesn’t care if it’s sunny outside. Depression doesn’t care if it’s Christmas.

Anxiety doesn’t care if you’re trying to sleep, it doesn’t care if you’re in a good mood. 

Anxiety doesn’t care how much you need to do something, it doesn’t care and it doesn’t need a reason.

Just like anorexia doesn’t care about your gender, bulimia doesn’t care about your age. 

Schizophrenia doesn’t care if you’re popular.

Bi polar disorder doesn’t care if you’re successful or if you’re trying to save money. 

Mental illness doesn’t care about anything. 

But, without becoming poetic about this bullshit, let’s understand that mental illness is caused by uncontrollable chemical imbalances in the brain and you can be diagnosed at any age or stage in your life. Each and every person shows symptoms differently, or not at all.

Furthermore, don’t invalidate someones mental illness because they don’t look or act the way they do in TV and film. No one ‘looks’ mentally ill.

There is no cover girl for ‘Cute but Psycho weekly’. But if there was I would like to be on it..

Either way, I wish people who do not have an understanding of mental illness would not try to dictate how those suffering should act and deal with their issues.

Do not try and silence those trying to express their feelings, and do not put pressure on those struggling to speak out. Because, to be quite frank, if its not your mental illness, it’s not your fucking problem.
However,  there will always be people out there willing to help you without belittling you and reducing you to a single word. Family, friends, doctors, whoever you find, they will be willing to help you through your issues, and if you don’t allow your mental illness to win, things will get better.

In the meantime, find outlets that make you happy. Just like I found a Kpop group and they cheer me the fuck up every time i’m sad.

& to my best friend who re-inspired me to write a blog post again, i love you sorry for mentioning Kpop when you told me not to.




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