img_5433Full name Lauren Alexandra McNee. (Was born lauren, parents changed it to my middle name blah blah..) I’m 19 years old, from a small peninsula called the Wirral, which I have to geographically pin-point to everyone I meet who is not from the North West of England, or who don’t have grandparents who live there.
I will include some of my personal experiences on this blog as well as my topics of interest.
My Interests include, film, fashion, beauty and lifestyle as well as politics, current affairs, all things LGBTQ+ and intersectional feminist issues.
As an avid film watcher and researcher, I take a great interest in going into depth about films. I love everything about films from the feeling you get from watching them to learning even the little characters names, (and occasionally drooling over Brad Pitt and Ryan Gosling…).
I studied Film Studies as one of my A Levels in Sixth Form and I thoroughly enjoyed learning about it and knew instantly I wanted to media work. I’ve always been torn between English language and Film/Media Studies. I studied at the Manchester Metropolitan University for a year doing multimedia journalism and although it was fun at times, it wasn’t for me and now i’m entering ‘the real world’

Enjoy my blog x


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  1. I really like your blog, glad you’re doing something you really enjoy, wishing you all the best at University! xxx

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