I have seen a couple of posts about why New Years is the worst and some annoying facebook status’ saying they have nothing to do on New Year, but could you imagine having your birthday on that date? Well I have for the past, about to be, 19 years and I can honestly tell you […]

As a former film studies student and current film lover, I am absolutely fascinated by the art of directing, creating, (watching) and performance of films. Everything from camera work to product placement to continuity errors. And trust me, I am that person who will point out a continuity error, whether you care or not, I […]

To me, social media is an amazing, world wide vortex full of interesting people, stories and experiences. Social media enables people to interact and communicate with friends, family, strangers and even their pets (if they really want to). Its a place to get the latest news, latest styles and latest gossip on celebrities. I am an […]

I am a Multimedia Journalism Student at the Manchester Metropolitan University, therefore I live in the fabulous city of Manchester, but, I am from a small peninsula called the Wirral, which I have to geographically pin-point to everyone I meet who is not from the North West of England, or who don’t have grandparents who live […]

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